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[2016 Silver] Handle on Hygiene, BED 본문

MAD 어워드/수상작

[2016 Silver] Handle on Hygiene, BED

부산국제마케팅광고제(MAD STARS) 2016. 11. 14. 15:39


AD STARS 2016 Silver

Handle on Hygiene, BED


 Design 부문 Silver 수상작 Handle on Hygiene

반짝이는 아이디어로 사람들에게 영감을 주기도 하는 광고들이 있는데요.

그런 디자인 부문 수상작들을 만나보도록 하겠습니다!

Lifebouny는 세계적인 위생 분야의 선두 주자인데요.

이들은 손 위생이 질병을 예방할 수 있다는 사실을 사람들에게 인지시키고 싶었습니다.

아리조나 대학에 의해 수행된 연구에서, 쇼핑 카트의 손잡이가 백만 이상의 세균들의 서식지가 된다 는 사실이 밝혀졌는데요. 

이들은 이 사실에서 사람들에게 위생에 대해 경각심을 줄 방법을 떠올리게 됩니다.

카트의 핸들에 간단히 양 옆으로 당기기만 하면 작동되는 소독기를 달았습니다.

세계 최초의 혁신적인 위생 물품이라고 할 수 있을 정도였는데요.

까르푸 슈퍼마켓 전반에 걸쳐 하루에 만 명 이상의 쇼핑객을 대상으로 한 위생 활동을 증명할 수 있었습니다!

마트에 방문하는 사람들은 이 매체를 인지하게 되고, 브랜드의 제품 구매를 장려받게 되었습니다.

마트의 카트 핸들에 어떻게 보면 간단할 수 있는 장치를 설치하여, 수많은 쇼핑객들에게 위생적인 이익을 보여 준 것은 물론, 이를 통해 브랜드까지 널리 알린 작품이었습니다!

 Handle on Hygiene

Advertiser/Client | Unilever

Brand | Lifebouy

Company | Memac Ogilvy

Lifebuoy is a world leader in personal hygiene and its products are highly effective in germ kill and prevention of illness through germs. The brand wanted to raise awareness that good hand hygiene can prevent illness and educate the public that germs are in unexpected places and not just the usual places such as kitchens and bathrooms and drive sales across their product ranges notably their hand sanitiser.

Research carried out by the University of Arizona showed that shopping trolley handles are home to over 1 million germs.

We invented the Handle on Hygiene, a world first innovation that applies a thin x-x-x-layer of sanitiser liquid direct to the handle protecting the shopper with one simple swipe.Implemented across Carrefour Supermarkets we were able to demonstrate Lifebuoy's hygiene benefits to over 10,000 shoppers per day. We saw this medium as the ideal place to raise awareness and en    courage purchase.

Handle on Hygiene was implemented in Carrefour the largest supermarket in the Middle East, successfully demonstrating Lifebuoys hygiene benefits to over 10,000 shoppers per day. Brand Engagement went up by 48% resulting in an increase of Lifebuoys sales by 53%. The innovation was featured across global and healthcare media, reaching over 100 Million media impressions. Handle on Hygiene was featured at the United Nations Sustainable Development summit 2015 in New York and is now being rolled out across Africa and Asia.

 Design 부문 Silver 수상작 BED

다음은 이케아의 브랜드 광고입니다.

이케아는 저비용의 아름다운 스칸디나비아의 디자인으로 유명한데요.

하지만 사람들은 때때로 이케아의 큰 장점 중 하나인 "저렴함"을 잊습니다.

그래서 이케아는 그들의 가구가 얼마나 저렴한 가격에 거래되고 있는지 대중들을 일깨워주고 싶었습니다.

그렇게 나온 광고중 하나가 이 BED 광고인데요.

커피, 음료수, 소다 캔, 우표, 피자 박스, 엽서 등 일상 생활에서 저렴한 것들 만큼의 가격으로 가구들을 살 수 있음을 표현하였습니다!

돈 대신 새로운 단위로 사람들이 이케아의 가격을 완전히 새로운 방식으로 보고, 인식을 바꾸도록 한 것이지요.

새로운 관점에서 가격에 대해 다시 인식하게 한 이케아의 광고였습니다.


Advertiser/Client | IKEA - Saudi Arabia

Brand | IKEA Special Offers

Company | Memac Ogilvy

IKEA is known world over for its low-cost beautiful Scandinavian designs. But people sometimes forget just how low-cost it is. So IKEA asked the agency to create a reminder to the general public of how affordable their furniture can be. They wanted a campaign that was simple, visually striking and flexible enough to be used through several different touch points; something that could blend together design and affordability in a fresh new way.

Have you ever thought about how much you spend on Coffee every week? IKEA has.  And to promote IKEA’s special offers sales we came up with a campaign that reminds people that beautiful Scandinavian design is as affordable as the least expensive things in their daily lives. So we changed the value of furniture and put IKEA’s products right amongst those things. Instead of money, we used coffees, toothpastes, soda cans, stamps, pizza boxes and postcards as a visually striking new currency. A simple change that changed people’s perceptions. And made them see IKEA’s affordability in a whole new way.

By defining the least expensive things in life as a currency, IKEA changed the way people perceived its offers, making the consumers question their spendings. And that showed in the results: sales soared 21,4% compared to the same period last year, making it the most successful special offers promo since the brand’s arrival in Saudi Arabia; traffic on the brand’s online store increased 93,2% and users spent 15min. more than the average browsing time on IKEA’s website. And online sales followed, doubling compared to no special offers months. It was a big deal for IKEA in Saudi Arabia and even bigger one for its customers.