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[2016 Silver] $10 Tale of Forgotten Veterans, Unexpected Courts 본문

MAD 어워드/수상작

[2016 Silver] $10 Tale of Forgotten Veterans, Unexpected Courts

부산국제마케팅광고제(MAD STARS) 2016. 11. 10. 13:07


AD STARS 2016 Silver

$10 Tale of Forgotten Veterans, Unexpected Courts


 Campaign Videos 부문 Silver 수상작 $10 Tale of Forgotten Veterans

여러 목적을 위해 시행되는 캠페인, 사람들에게 감동과 영감을 주는 캠페인 또한 많이 있었는데요.

그런 캠페인 비디오 부문의 수상작을 소개합니다.

중국에서는 2차 대전에서 싸운 참전 용사들이 있지만, 정부는 공적으로 그들의 희생을 인정하지 않은 적이 있습니다.

2차 대전 이후 중국 안에서의 내전으로 인한 여러 정치적 문제 때문이었는데요.

이 퇴역 군인들의 평균 연령은 92세로, 살아있는 사람들은 여전히 가난 속에서 살아가고 있습니다.

가장 중요한 것은, 이들이 그 나라의 어느 누구에게도 인정받지 못하고 있다는 사실입니다.

LongYue는 NGO단체로서, 그들이 공로를 인정 받고 재정적 원조를 받도록 돕고자 하였습니다.

 $10 Tale of Forgotten Veterans

Advertiser/Client | Tencent

Brand | Tencent Charity

Company | J. Walter Thompson Beijing

n China there exists a group of veterans who fought for China’s victory in World War II but had never been recognized by the government nor public for their sacrifices. The reason behind is a sad political issue due to a civil war in China after WWII. These veterans’ average age is now 92 years old. Those surviving still live in poverty. Most importantly, they never got recognized by anybody in the country. 

 LongYue is an NGO helping them. We wanted to help them receive their due recognition and get financial aid.

RMB10 tale of forgotten Veterans. It’s a hidden story in everyone’s pocket. We turned the ordinary 10 RMB note into moving media. By taking a photo of the back of a 10 RMB note. A secret story of the war will be revealed. In fact it is the actual location of the battlefield in WWII in China. Bringing back people to understand the real story of the veteran that the government never told them. And donate RMB in their hands to the forgotten veterans.

100,000 viewers in 1 hour. Over RMB 1 million donation in 72 hours. Various media coverage.

 After viewing the video, young people saying that they never know that there is such a hidden part of history. They showed their respect to veterans by pledged a personal salute in the social media. Public started to recognize the non-communist veterans. Finally some of the veterans got selected to parade in TianAnMen Square in the ceremony. This is the first time in history they got recognized by the government.

 Diverse Insights 부문 Silver 수상작 Unexpected Courts

" Sharing Diverse Insight " 라는 슬로건 아래 문화적 차이와 국가간 배경의 차이에 의한 아이디어의 다양성을 존중하는 AD STARS.

광고의 다문화적 속성들을 존중하고 장려하는 부문인 Diverse Insights 부문의 수상작을 소개합니다.


브라질 아이들은 어디서나 축구 경기장을 볼 수 있습니다. 하지만 그들 대부분은 다른 스포츠는 비싸거나 멀리 떨어져 있습니다.

Coral Paints는 이런 아이들에게 다양한 스포츠들을 경험시켜주고 싶었죠.

그들은 브라질 곳곳에 숨어있는 빈 공간을 활용하였습니다.

예상치 못했던 공간에 페인트를 이용하여, 다양한 스포츠 경기장을 재현한 것인데요.

“Stairs Basketball”, “Pillar Volleyball”, “Walkway Sprint”, “Bench Hockey, “Any Table Tennis”, “Rugbyish” 그리고 “Goalball (on the Wall)"

등 일곱까지 색깔을 만들어내었습니다.

마을 곳곳의 빈 장소를 활용하였기 때문에, 약간의 설계 및 규칙을 조정하기도 하였습니다!

Coral Paints의 예상치 못한 코트는, 어떻게 공간을 재현하고 되살릴 수 있는지에 대한 예제가 되었습니다.

아이들 사이에서도 즉각적인 성공을 거둔 것을 물론, 주민 협회까지 그 곳에서 스포츠 수업을 듣기 시작했는데요.

이 프로젝트로 만들어진 공간은 공식 투어에도 포함되어, 수많은 관광객들과 학생들이 영감을 받기도 하였습니다.

페인트의 힘으로, Coral Paints는 아이들에게 더욱 가깝게 다가갔다고 할 수 있겠습니다.

그 뿐 만 아니라, 사람들이 더욱 많은 형태의 스포츠를 깨닫게 할 수 도 있었던 작품이었습니다!

 Unexpected Courts

Advertiser/Client | AkzoNobel

Brand | Coral Paints

Company | NBS

Brazilians kids see soccer fields anywhere. But for most of them, other sports seem expensive or distant. Even with the upcoming arrival of sports events in Rio, poor children only get in touch with other sports inside schools, while in physical classes. That’s why in Favelas, where empty spaces are rare, remaining spots soon become improvised soccer fields.

Coral Paints, an AkzoNoble’s popular brand in Brazil, saw an opportunity to show how its portfolio could engage low-income families in the mood for the events. The brand even has an office in Favela Dona Marta, an iconic slum in Rio de Janeiro. We had to make something local that could be replicated and engage many other children. 

We revealed many other mini-courts around, hidden in common places like stairs, clothesline and walkways. To see these “Unexpected Courts”, everything kids needed was the same creativity they have for finding soccer fields. In Santa Marta, seven colored venues were created: “Stairs Basketball”, “Pillar Volleyball”, “Walkway Sprint”, “Bench Hockey, “Any Table Tennis”, “Rugbyish” and “Goalball (on the Wall)”, an official sport for blind people. Design and rules were adjusted to comply with walls, steps and holes. So, in “Stairs Basketball”, throws from each step bellow gives higher scores. And the whole process was compiled in a “how-to-do” website, developed under creative commons license.

Coral Paints’ unexpected circuit has become an example on how paint can recreate spaces and revitalize them. Following its immediate success among kids, the Residents Association started holding sport classes there. The courts were also included in favela’s official tours. Since then, thousands of tourists and school students have already been inspired it to reproduce the idea. Rio de Janeiro’s State Sport Secretary embraced the project to take it to more places. A website and ten thousand handout booklets are available for instructions. With the power of painting, Coral Paints is bringing the Games closer to our kids. And they now may realize sports come in many shapes... And colors.