3D 프린터를 이용한 특별한 졸업앨범 'Touchable Yearbook'

 3D TEK 'Touchable Yearbook'

수년이 지나 꺼내본 졸업앨범을 보고 있노라면 

그때의 추억과 앳된 친구들의 모습에 웃음도 나오고 옛 생각에 마음이 훈훈해 지는 분들이 계실거에요.

이제 곧 졸업 시즌이 다가와서 그런지 오늘은 졸업 앨범을 꺼내들고 싶네요^^

여기 특별한 졸업 앨범이 있습니다.

서울맹학교 졸업생을 위한 3D 프린터로 제작한 졸업앨범입니다.

눈이 보이지 않는 시각장애인들에게도 졸업앨범은 계속 꺼내보고,

추억이 되는 앨범이어야 겠지요?^^

3D TEK는 종이 앨범이 아닌 시각장애 아이들의 손에 크기에 맞게

3D 프린터를 이용해 특별한 졸업앨범을 제작했습니다.

이렇게 만들어진 손으로 보는 졸업앨범!

졸업실날 아이들은 친구들의 얼굴로 제작된 특별한 졸업앨범을 받았습니다.

손으로 만지며 친구들의 얼굴을 가슴에 새깁니다.

이제 아이들은 친구의 얼굴을 기억할 수 있겠죠?^^

Most of blind students didn’t have their yearbooks just because they couldnt see. - Let blind students have their own yearbooks. - Develop a powerful idea to expose the clients business, 3D printing - Make people experience 3D printing technology change our real life better.

We chose Seoul National School for the Blind which is the biggest school for the blind in Korea. - We invented Touchable Yearbook by 3D printing technology reproducing the faces of graduating students. - We showcased the yearbook for the first time on the graduation day which gathered more than 2,000 people. - We gave huge impression not only to students but also to people attending.  Now the students can recall the faces of friends even after graduation as long as they keep the yearbook.

The students at Seoul National School for the Blind were given yearbooks for the blind for the first time on the graduation day. Our invention made a huge impression among not only students but also people attending. By the yearbook the students won’t forget each other forever and we expect more blind students can have their own yearbooks afterwards. The client regarded that the campaign was quite successful and furthermore they assumed that the invention could be their future business item.

The client, 3D Tek, is a small 3D printing company in Korea. Recently Korean mass media has been concerned that 3D printing technology could be misused such as creating real weapons. The client wanted to inform the public how the technology could make the real life better. They asked for powerful idea showing their good will. 

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2018.08.23.- 25. BUSAN BEXCO

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