[AD STARS 2015 Winner 동남아시아 특집] 필리핀 편

[AD STARS 2015 Winner 동남아시아 특집

필리핀 편


AD STARS 2015 Winner! 한중일 특집에 이어 이번엔 동남아시아 특집입니다.

그 첫 주자는 필리핀!


필리핀의 출품작 수는 총 1,104으로 한중일 다음으로 많은 수였는데요.

그에 반해 올해 수상 성적은 크리스탈 제외 총 4편으로 다소 부진한 편이었어요.


[AD STARS 2015 필리핀 수상작 현황]

: Silver 2, Bronze 2편 수상 ※Crystal 수상작 제외


필리핀, 화려한 역대 수상 경력 -

하지만, 2012년과 2013년 연달아 공익 광고 부문 대상

그랑프리 오브 더 이어(Grand Prix of the Year)를 수상한 이력이 있는 만큼

사람의 마음을 움직이는 크리에이티브 파워가 강한 나라이기도 하죠.


이번 2015 부산국제광고제 5명의 심사위원장 중 유일한 홍일점 이기도 했던

Merlee Cruz Jayme(DM9 Jayme Syfu CCO) 역시 필리핀 사람이기도 하고요.


필리핀 광고 대표 수상작 세 편 모두 소개해 드릴 텐데요.

올해 수상작의 경우 색다른 소통과 표현 방식이 돋보이네요.



우리는 자연의 회복 능력을 믿습니다 - Hana Water Billboard


· 에이전시 : TBWA/SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO(Philippines)

· 광 고 주 : Peerless Lion Corp.

· 수상내역 : Media 부문 Silver



Shokubutsu HANA100 % 천연 재료로 만든 클렌징 제품을 제조하는 화장품 브랜드인데요.


자연의 회복 능력을 믿는다는 메시지를 전달하기 위해

파시그 강 생태 위원회(PRRC : Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission)가 주도하는

파시그 강 살리기 운동에 참여하고자 했습니다.


파시그 강(Pasig River)은 스페인 식민지 시대에는 중요한 교통로였으나

관리 소홀과 산업 발달로 인해 매우 오염되어

생명이 살 수 없는 상태로 회복이 시급한 상황이었죠.


이를 위해 Shokubutsu HANA는 자연에 의해 구동되는 물 청소 광고판을 설치했습니다.

강 가운데 놓인 이 잔디 빌보드(Billboard)는 폐수의 오염 물질을 흡수하는 기능을 합니다.

광고를 함과 동시에 오염된 강을 청소하는 정화능력을 지닌 신개념 광고판인 셈인데요.


이 친환경 프로젝트는 실제로 강 자체를 정화했고

그 방식은 그 어떤 광고 메시지보다 효과적이었습니다.

그들이 추구하는 자연 회복 능력을 눈앞에 펼쳐지는 현실로 증명해 냈기 때문이죠.



Hana Water Billboard – TBWA/SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO(Philippines)

Peerless Lion Corp.


The Pasig River, Manila's main waterway, was transformed into a 25-kilometer sewer system. In 1990, ecologists considered it biologically dead. Shokubutsu HANA, a personal care brand that manufactures products made from 100% natural cleansing ingredients, believes in the restorative powers of nature. The brand wanted to join the movement that is led by PRRC (Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission) to revive the most polluted river in the country.


Hana mounted the first ever Water-Cleaning Billboards for the the re-launch of the Santibanez Estuary. Powered by nature, they are floating systems placed on the river and made of vetiver ? grass that can absorb pollutants in wastewater. More than a message that advocated nature, the billboards were actually cleaning the river itself. Instead of placing the billboards up high along a nearby streets, they were placed right on the river itself, resulting to an effect where the river itself was speaking directly at people. The medium used for the campaign became the water it aimed to clean. With the help of PR, the campaign was able to raise awareness beyond the area it lies on.


The environmental sites and organizations that picked up the campaign praised and spread the message online with articles. Soon, all kinds of other sites began reposting. Then, students and the general youth started sharing it over social media, eventually reaching the national news. From local news alone, the billboard earned roughly USD 28,000 of free media mileage. From creative and environment-related publications the brand received roughly 13M impressions. The brand earned a seat in last year’s annual Sustainable Brands Conference in London amongst 400 top brands in Corporate. It was a testament to how this small effort to save the Pasig River has inspired many the world over.


행복의 나라에 오신 것을 환영합니다 - MCTOLLBOOTH


· 에이전시 : Leo Burnett Group Manila(Philippines)

· 광 고 주 : Golden Arches Development Corporatoin

· 수상내역 : Diverse Insights 부문 Silver



올해 3 24일 맥도날드에서 전 세계 24개의 도시에서 24시간 동안 즐길 수 있는

아임 러빙잇 24(I’m Lovin it 24) 캠페인을 진행했는데요.


이 캠페인은 맥도날드를 사랑하는 전 세계 고객들에게

행복과 즐거움을 선사하고자 기획되었다고 합니다.


이를 위해 필리핀 마닐라의 고속도로 위 톨게이트는 하룻밤 사이

테이크아웃 맥도날드 매장으로 탈바꿈했고

이날 톨게이트를 지나는 운전자와 동승자에게 맥모닝을 제공해주었을 뿐 아니라

통행료까지 대신 지불하였다고 하네요.


교통체증에 대처하는 맥도날드의 자세!

글로벌 대표 브랜드인 만큼 캠페인 한 번 진행할 때마다

그 스케일이 어마어마하네요^^



MCTOLLBOOTH - Leo Burnett Group Manila(Philippines)

Golden Arches Development Corporatoin


To connect with millennial consumers,McDonald’s launched imlovinit24 ?a global campaign that brought “24 acts of joy to 24 cities over 24 hours.” Locally, we needed to reach millennials who spent an average of 9 hours a day on their devices, making the Philippines the “social networking capital of the world” Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing the country is known for; our infamous Manila rush hour ranks as the 9th worst traffic in the world.So we thought of ways to give gifts of joy?not ads?that would catch their attention and spark positive conversations about the brand online.We zoned in on tollways where every morning, consumers endure traffic and still need to pay for toll


On March 24, 2015, as part of McDonald’s global imlovinit24 campaign, toll hs in Manila’s major expressways were transformed to mimic McDonald’s drive-thru hs.The McToll hs waived toll fees and gave out bags of free McDonald’s breakfast to motorists. Coupons for free coffee were also given,which motorists could redeem via drive-thru/in-store. Celebrities helped man the hs.News and social coverage amplified the experience via on-the-spot reporting, tweeting and photo/video uploads.Motorists who missed out still won free breakfast by posting groupfies inside their vehicles on social. Hours later, a McToll h recap video was posted on social media to spike more conversations


With a total investment of only USD 154,000, the ROI was remarkable: -almost 7 million views and counting - Top 5 in Ad Age Viral Video Chart -   33.7 million online impressions -over 42.6 million netizens reached -USD 1,136,180 media value earned on just USD 72,000 media spend Analyzing the online comments, McToll h elicited 99% positive sentiments for McDonald’s, specifically on Philippine operations. Among all the global imlovinit24 acts, McToll h was also the most viewed. Conversation share of voice (SOV) for McDonald’s PH grew by 119% during the campaign period while competitors Jollibee and KFC had negative growth of -41% and -50% respectively.



Noli Me Tangere? (나를 만지지 마세요

- Touch Me/Touch Me Not


· 에이전시 : BBDO Guerrero(Philippines)

· 광 고 주 : Chalcot Audio

· 수상내역 : Interactive 부문 Bronze



‘Noli Me Tangere(놀리 메 탄게레)’는 필리핀 문학의 가장 중요한 작품 중 하나인데요.

하지만 그만큼 널리 읽히지는 않았습니다.


Touch Me/Touch Me Not은 이 소설의 대중 접촉을 증가시키기 위해 기획된 특별 전시입니다.

소설 속 캐릭터의 초상화를 전시한 것인데 단순히 그림 전시에서 그친 것은 아니었어요.


전도성 잉크를 사용하여 잉크는 뒷면 회로와 연결되었고

관람객이 그림을 터치함으로써 소설 속 대화를 생생하게 들을 수 있도록 한 것이죠.


이 전시회에는 4만 명 이상의 사람이 방문했고 온라인을 통해

그 이상의 노출 수를 기록했는데요.


이를 통해 놀라운 경험을 선사했을 뿐 아니라

새로운 오디오 북의 세계를 열어주는 역할을 했습니다.



Touch Me/Touch Me Not - BBDO Guerrero(Philippines)

Chalcot Audio


Noli Me Tangere is one of the most important works of Philippine literature. It's required reading but is rarely read outside school. To bring the book to a younger and wider audience, it was adapted into an English language audiobook. The brief was to create an activation that would launch and promote the audiobook to new audiences.


Because the audiobook has brought the novel to life through sound, we created an exhibit of talking portraits of the novel's characters. We worked with a visual artist to create line art drawings of these characters. These portraits were drawn using conductive ink and connected to circuitry at the back. Touching the ink strokes activated the circuits ? a gesture that is a reference to the novel's title, which is Latin for 'touch me not.' When touched, the portraits played extracts of dialogue from the novel.


The exhibit gave people a sampling of the audiobook ? the first time that many Filipinos would here these characters speak. It was mounted in leading bookshops and museums, bringing the novel to audiences that have either forgotten or are not familiar with the work. The exhibit was visited by more than 40,000 people and has created even more impressions online.






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